About The Loops

All the loops were recorded and edited in a professional recording studio.  The loops were mixed using a Solid State Logic audio editing system, on DAW system with no latency 

All the loops were mixed on an analogue console.


The loops which are available for free download on the website are of a (mp3, 192kb/sec, stereo) quality.

The loops which are available for sale on the website are of a (wav, 1411 kb/sec, stereo) quality.

The loops were only normalized, without use of a master buss compressor, and the reason for that is simple:  in order to give you, the users, maximal fluidity and flexibility in integrating the drums in your arrangement, so that when the arranging is done you can give it a final polish with a master buss compressor, or do your own mastering for your arrangement.

The color of the drums, and their dynamic, will be preserved.


A lot of thought was put into the creation of the loops and their balance, rhythms and color.

At the end of the day we created the loops using the musical producer's perspective, and that means that the sound and drum balance are neither too great nor too small - they are precisely at the point where they take part in the arrangement and accompany the singer.


All the loops were played on actual drums, by professional drummers with many hours of studio experience, which allows them to play on the metronome with wonderful precision, so that you will be able to enjoy the precise loops without worrying about fitting the loops on the arrangement.

The loops are divided into sizes:  one bar, two bars, four bars, six bars or eight bars.


The loops are the result of forethought about making a real song, with the right emotion in building roles for the verses and roles for the chorus or for the solo, and thus to actually create a song which is cut into 25-60 accurate loops.


  •          Here's a tip: if you connect the wav quality loops in chronological order, you will get the structure of the song from which they were cut.

                   Most of the loops were mixed in such a way that the ride cymbal is on the left side of the speakers, and the hihat is on the right.

                   The loops will sound as though a right handed drummer is playing for you through the studio window.


* - DAW = digital audio workstation .