150 BPM - All I Want for Christmas (33 variations)


Drum loops in the style of " All I Want For Christmas " by mariah carey. (shuffle groove).

This package contains 33 loops in total with more then 10 drum fills and tom fills.

The loop  variations are Bass drum and snare beat with hihat and all so loops with bass drum,snare and ride cymbals.

Just drop the loops on your DAW and build your own song (cover to the song or new one in the same shuffle groove) in just a few minutes.

And the best part in all of this is , that it's TOTALLY FREE for registered users, so have fun with it.

The price is zero, so put it in your cart and download the loops (26MB RAR file).

Or if you just want play around with some loops, just Register and download the loops in WAV quality.


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