Darbuka With Passion - Bundle


This Bundle contains (444) Real Darbuka Loops in “malfuf”, “baladi” and “wahda” rhythm.

The darbuka was recorded with vintage neumann u87 in a dry room by a  professional Darbuka player.

 The darbuka is in stereo mode, that means that

The darbuka was recorded twice.(beat in the left speaker).

The darbuka loops are at : (70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125,130,135,140,145,150,155)

All the loops are dry, with no room reverb.

The darbuka loops  are in mix mode(no mastering,no over compressing).

There is only light and perfect analog EQ and light compression, giving you the 

The opportunity to shape the loops in the sound you like in your song.

Total size of this bundle is 476 mb, all the loops are in 16 bit, 44100 khz.



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