Acoustic Drum Loops Bundle



Press the blue metallic buttons in order to download 10 free loops.




Introducing our latest product – a bundle of 120 high-quality acoustic drum loops,

meticulously crafted for music enthusiasts like you.

Priced at just $5.

There are places where even a cup of coffee will cost you more… 

This collection of acoustic drum loops are in  320kbps MP3 files in (mix mode)

Ensuring an authentic sound experience without compression.

Recorded by professional drummers and precision-treated with hit points,

These loops seamlessly integrate into your DAW system.

Elevate your music production effortlessly.

Just put and play. Unleash the rhythm! 馃


In total there are 12 styles of loops in this bundle 馃帀


54 BPM loops - 10 variations (slow rock)

60 BPM loops - 08 variations (slow rock)

66 BPM loops - 09 variations (slow rock)

66 BPM loops - 09 variations (slow rock 6/8 signature)

70 BPM loops - 11 variations (slow rock)

73 BPM loops - 09 variations (slow rock)

77 BPM loops - 09 variations (slow rock)

78 BPM loops - 11 variations (pop)

84 BPM loops - 10 variations (pop)

88 BPM loops - 10 variations (rock)

90 BPM loops - 12 variations (pop)

90 BPM loops - 12 variations (pop 6/8 signature)



  • - mix mode meaning, no bus compression of any kind was added.

             the sound of the loops is the sound of the mix, that way you can apply 

             more compression to the loops, giving the more colors or saturation. 


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