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Pearl masters custom


64 samples from the legendary pearl masters drum kit.

One shot from all the components in the pearl masters custom drums.

The drum kit contains (22" Bass Drum, 14"x6.5 Snare, 10" Tom1, 12" Tom2, 16" Floor, 13" Hihat, 20" Ride, 17/18" Crash)

The cymbals are sabian hhx evolution.

The samples kit contains :

                                     5 Bass Drum Shots, 13 Snare Shots, 5 X-Stick Shots, 6 Hihat shots, 3 Snare Flam Shots.

                                     11 Toms Shots, 5 Floor Shots, 8 Cymbals shots, 2 BD+snr+crash Shots, 6 Cymbals rolls Shots. 


All samples are in Wav quality,16 bit stereo, with small amount of nice and sweet room reverb.

The package size is (10MB RAR file).

Just drop the samples in your favorite sampler and start playing real drums sound.


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