Tabla Bundle (317 loops)


Introducing the Essence of Indian Percussion: Tabla Loops Bundle

Unleash the rhythmic magic of India with our meticulously crafted Tabla Loops Bundle!

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of tabla, a percussion instrument that has captivated listeners for centuries.

This collection comprises 317 real tabla loops, all skillfully played by a professional tabla artist.

Key Features:

Our Tabla Loops Bundle isn't confined to a single tempo—it offers a rich variety to suit your creative needs.

Explore the rhythmic landscape with loops spanning different tempos, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into a wide range of musical genres and projects.

Loops Tempo :

50 BPM (16 loops) , 55 BPM (11 loops) , 60 BPM (8 loops) , 70 BPM (6 loops) , 75 BPM (15 loops) , 80 BPM (25 loops) , 85 BPM (30 loops) , 90 BPM (32 loops)

95 BPM (30 loops) ,100BPM (30 loops) 105BPM (20 loops),110BPM (33 loops),115 BPM(11 loops) 120 BPM (26 loops) ,130 BPM (24 loops).

All loops were recorded using 1 microphone (AKG C-12), but exported analog in stereo mode.

All loops are DRY with no reverb of any kind,letting you controling the sound of the loops.


 * - The 10 free loops are all so dry,the sound of the tabla  in the preview, is with short plate reverb just for Demo.



Authentic Tabla Experience

Every loop in this bundle is a genuine representation of the tabla's intricate rhythms.

Providing an authentic and immersive experience.

High-Quality Recording

We spared no expense in capturing the true essence of the tabla. The recording was done using the renowned AKG C-12 VR microphone, ensuring crystal-clear audio fidelity. The result is a premium sound quality that faithfully reproduces the tabla's tonal richness.

Versatility in Styles

Explore a diverse range of styles within the Indian tabla tradition. From classical to contemporary, these loops cover a spectrum of musical expressions, allowing you to add an exotic touch to your compositions.

Straightforward Integration

Our loops are presented in a mono format with no EQ, effects, or dynamics applied, preserving the raw authenticity of each performance. For your convenience, we've exported them in stereo, making them ready for seamless integration into your projects—just drop and play.

(All loops are WAV file)

Scale A (Indian Percussion at Its Finest)

The loops are tuned to Scale A, providing a harmonious and culturally resonant foundation for your musical endeavors. Whether you're a producer, composer, or enthusiast, Scale A adds a distinctive flair to your compositions.

Why Choose Our Tabla Loops?

  1. Professional Artistry: Each loop is a testament to the skill and passion of a seasoned tabla player, ensuring a genuine and captivating musical experience.

  2. Premium Recording Quality: Immerse yourself in the sonic excellence of the AKG C-12 VR microphone, capturing every nuance and detail of the tabla's expressive range.

  3. Easy Integration: With no added effects or processing, our loops offer a clean canvas for your creativity. Import them into your projects effortlessly and let the magic unfold.

Embark on a sonic journey with our Tabla Loops Bundle—where tradition meets modern convenience.

Elevate your music with the soul-stirring Rhythms of India!

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